My Favourite Photograph

Great great granny

This photograph was sent to me by a cousin I made contact with through my family history research.  We are related on my maternal side.  Her grandfather and my grandfather were brothers.  We have become friends and regularly chat via Skype.  We plan to meet in person very soon.  Finding living relatives is s exciting to me as finding my ancestors, particulary when that relative is as keen on knowing about the family tree as I am.

The subjects of the photograph all have their own stories which I look forward to sharing in due course.

The photograph was taken in 1912 and features my great great grandmother, Sarah McLaughlin (1839-1916), my great grandfather, Daniel Brawley (1864-1935), his eldest son, Daniel Brawley (1887-1971) and young Daniel’s daughter, Margaret Brawley (1912-?)

This is the only photograph I have of my great, great grandmother and great grandfather and I was thrilled to receive it.


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