Philomena Brawley Born 1925

Philomena Brawley was my 2nd cousin once removed. Her parents were Hugh Brawley and Bridget Darragh. Hugh was the first cousin of my maternal grandfather who was also called Hugh Brawley. Philomena was born on 31 October 1925 within the family home at 39 Hope Street, Newmains, Lanarkshire. Her parents had been married in January that year and with Bridget already 26 years old they would have been keen to start a family. There was a big family of Brawleys in Newmains at that time and a lot of children. My aunt, Catherine Brawley was also born in 1925.

Philomena was born early and lived for just 3 days. She died just after 6am on 3 November. The cause of death is recorded as “prematurely born and convulsions”. It was Hugh who had the task of registering the death which he did later that same day.

Philomena Brawley is buried in Cambusnethan Cemetery. The plot is unmarked. Her grandfather Peter Brawley (1871-1940) and uncle James Brawley (1896-1917) are also buried in plot E3217.

Bridget and Hugh went on to have a daughter, Catherine, who was born in 1927.

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