A Surprise For My Mother

Finding new family photos is always exciting. The picture below was sent to me by Maureen who discovered my blog via Facebook. She and I are connected through her great grandfather, Edward Cooper who was the second husband of my great granny, Sarah Helferty and stepfather to my maternal granny. We keep in contact and were fortunate to be able to meet up and swap family stories.

Maureen sent me the picture because it features St Brigid’s school way back in 1939. Her auntie is the girl second left in the photo and she thought maybe there could be someone from my family. The Brawleys were a big family in Newmains at the time with a lot of cousins so there’s a good chance that in a school group picture I might find a connection.

The girl in the middle of the 3rd row stood out to me immediately. Could it really be? Yes indeed, that’s my mother! I was delighted as you can imagine. It was great to be able to take it and show it to mum. She didn’t remember the photo being taken but she does remember many of her classmates. The photo was taken outside what was then the school building but is now the St Brigid’s Parish Centre. What a trip down Memory Lane for my mum who is now in her 90s.

I’m so grateful to Maureen for sending me the photo. Making friends through family history has been an unexpected bonus.

4 thoughts on “A Surprise For My Mother

  1. What a fantastic photo – and what a wonderful surprise for your mother. Thanks for sharing that tale. You have also inspired me to look for special photos among my old family album collections, rather than just defer to the ones I already have digitised!

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