Catherine Mullervy 1839-1910

My great, great grandmother, Catherine Mullervy was born in Drumlish  in the Parish of Killoe, County Longford, Ireland in January 1835.  She was baptised on the 19th of January that year.  Her sponsors are recorded as Edward and Elizabeth Malervy.  (There are many different spellings of the surname recorded.)  Her parents were Owen Mullervy and … Continue reading Catherine Mullervy 1839-1910

Born On This Day – Catherine Cosgrove 1875-1876

Catherine Cosgrove was the first of my great grandfather’s siblings to be born in Scotland and her birth record allows me to estimate when the Cosgrove family left County Longford in Ireland. She was the 6th of ten children born to Peter Cosgrove and Catherine Mullervy. By the time of her birth the family had … Continue reading Born On This Day – Catherine Cosgrove 1875-1876

An Epidemic- Patrick COSGROVE 1863-1901

This is the story of my great grandfather, Patrick Cosgrove.  He is my maternal grandmother's father. He was born in, Killoe County Longford in Ireland in January 1863 to Peter Cosgrove  (1832-1893) and Catherine Mullervy (1939-1910). Patrick was one of at least ten siblings. Anne Born 1867 James Born 1869 Francis Born 1871 Peter Born 1874 Catherine Born … Continue reading An Epidemic- Patrick COSGROVE 1863-1901