Some Scottish Hospitality

In 1926 my maternal grandfather’s sister Sarah left Scotland for a new life in Canada. She set sail from Greenock in July 1926 on the White Star Line ship “Doric”. She had married Matthew Sanford in Newmains in 1916. The couple had four children. Times were hard in Scotland after the Great War and there were opportunities for jobs in Canada. It must have been with some reluctance that the family left the village and their families behind. Sarah was one of 5 siblings who emigrated.

During the war when one of her neighbours told Sarah that their son was going to be in Scotland she told them to get in touch with her brother. I can imagine her assuring the neighbour that it would be “no bother at all”. Perhaps it would have been comforting for the neighbours to know that their son would get some home comforts while serving so far away.

James Morton did indeed get in touch and he and his friend were given a warm welcome in my grandfather’s home. It must have been lovely for my granda to hear first hand what life was like for his sister and her family in their new lives. It’s sad that he never got to visit Canada. For my mother and her sisters too it would have been exciting to hear their stories and when my uncle Dan arrived home on leave the three soldiers might have compared their wartime experiences. I’m sure the young visitors would have been the talk of the village. It certainly was enough of an event to make the local newspaper. This article is from March 1945.

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