Clayton Rennie Calderhead 1874-1882 & David Dalziel 1874-1875

Clayton Rennie Calderhead was the eldest son of my great great grandparents, James Calderhead and Margaret Dalziel. His mother was just 17 years old when he was born. In fact, she and her mother were both pregnant at the same time.

Mary Allen Lockie and her husband, David Dalziel already had nine children when in 1873 Mary discovered she was pregnant at the age of 42. I can imagine the reaction to the pregnancies might have been quite different in each case.

Both families were living in Main Street, Wishaw at the time. Although the addresses are recorded differently it may have been in the same house. James and Margaret are recorded at Reid’s Land, Main Street and David and Mary are at 242 Main Street. In either case, Maggie was living in close proximity to her mother who was somewhat of an expert in pregnancy and raising children by that stage. Mary was also a few months further along so for the teenage mum to be there would have been plenty of advice available.

David was born on 12 March 1874 and his nephew, Clayton on 17 October. Clayton was named Clayton Rennie Calderhead after his father’s adoptive father.

Being so close in age it would be nice to think of them growing up together, attending school and perhaps being lifelong friends. Sadly this was not to be.

In early December 1874 David became unwell. Over Christmas and New Year his condition worsened and on 15 January 1875 he died. The cause of death is recorded as Broncho-pneumonia.

Clayton who was born on 17 October would sadly have no memory of his uncle as their time together was so short. I’m sure his mother must have held him close as she grieved for her little brother.

In 1876 Clayton was joined by a sister, Mary (my great grandmother) and a brother, David in 1880. In 1882 Maggie announced that she was pregnant with her fourth child. By that time the family had moved from Main Street to the nearby West Quarry Street to accommodate the growing numbers. Clayton was attending school and David continued his work as a coalminer. Maggie stayed at home with the two younger children. Things were going well for the family.

Then, tragedy struck as young Clayton developed an inflammation of the lungs. In what must have seemed like no time at all his condition deteriorated and he died at home on 9 September 1882.

It is sometimes easy to miss the overlap of dates in family trees but I was looking at Maggie’s story and it struck me that her brother and son were born so close together. It must have been heartbreaking for her and her mother to lose these two wee boys. Their time was so short but I want to acknowledge and remember them.

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