Adding Some Colour

Last week here on WordPress I discovered this post by Roberta Estes which gives a link to a free site for colourising old black and white photos. (

I was really keen to give it a go because I’ve seen how much life colour can add to a picture. The wonderful book The Colour of Time has some amazing photos. The photos in the book have been painstakingly colourised by an artist while this is a free site which instantly adds colour to photos. How good can it be?

This first photo is of my great great grandmother, my great grandfather along with his son and granddaughter. It was taken in 1912. You can see the difference from the original and coloured side of the picture.

This next photograph is of my maternal grandparents taken around 1919. I’m not sure how accurate the hair colour would be.

This photo is from 1896 and shows the schoolchildren of St Brigid’s School in Newmains. My copy is not in great condition and has been taped but I think the difference is quite remarkable.

My big cousin sent me some more recent photos (1960s) of my grandparents with his family. I’d only ever seen my grandfather in black and white pictures so it’s lovely to see him in colour and looking so happy with his grandchildren. Thank you Michael for the photos and for letting me share them here.

These were from photographs of photographs so I think they’ve turned out pretty well. It’s definitely a fun way to pass an afternoon!

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