James Lockie 1879-1959

I’ve now made a number of discoveries while wandering through Cambusnethan Cemetery. Above is another headstone that caught my eye in passing. Lockie is a name on my family tree so I thought I would investigate further. When I checked my online tree there were two options. Both were first cousins 4 times removed with one born in 1879 and one in 1885. Both were the nephews of my great, great, great granny, Mary Allen Lockie and both were on my tree with no information other than the year of their birth.

So I checked for the death records. The James Lockie laid to rest in this plot was the son of Robert Wallace Lockie 1829 – 1912 and his 4th wife, Mary Templeton. James was the youngest of Robert’s 10 children and he was Margaret’s only child.

Searching the newspaper archives helped me find out more. Below is his obituary published in the Wishaw Press.

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