James Lockie 1793-1865

James Lockie was my 4th great grandfather on my father’s side.   He was born on 27 August 1793 in Pettinain, Lanarkshire.  His parents were James Lockie and Helen Inglis. He was baptised on 26 Sptember 1793.

James had at least two siblings

Euphemia (1795-1880)

Helen (1801-1879)

On 4 August 1820 he married Margaret Wallace in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire.  The couple had seven children:

  • James (Born 1823)
  • Helen (Born 1827)
  • Robert Wallace (Born 1829)
  • Mary Allen (Born 1894)
  • Jane (Born 1833)
  • George Meek (Born 1837)
  • Thomas (Born 1847)

By 1841 the family were living in the Parish of Cambusnethan and James made his living as a journeyman joiner. Moving forward to the 1861 census his occuation is given as Country Wright.  The definition of Wright is given as skilled craftsman and apparently this would involve making any kind of wooden tools or equipment used on farms.  I have to say it’s nice to find someone in the tree with a real skill and trade.

James died on 26 November 1865.  The cause of death was listed as capillary bronchitis and his death certificate was signed by his son, Thomas.

James Lockie Death

I do find it interesting that decisions made by our ancestors shape the future and the lives that we live now.  James decided to move to Cambusnethan bringing my father’s side of the tree to where my mother’s side would eventually settle after leaving Ireland.  I had no idea until I started my research just how many of my ancestors are buried in Cambusnethan Cemetery.  I literally bumped into my great, great grandparents gravestone while looking for one from another branch of the family.  This is the joy of Scottish genealogy.  There’s never too far to travel.


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