Matthew Brawley 1904-1977

Matthew Brawley was my maternal grandfather’s younger brother and is the only one of the 12 siblings I ever met. I don’t remember anything about him really but I do recall visiting “uncle Matt” with my mum.  Matt was the tenth child of Daniel Brawley and Ellen Keenan.  He was born on 7 November 1904 in the family home at 3 Main Street, Newmains.  He was 46 years old when he married widow, Annie Hunstone on 18 February 1851.

Matt didn’t have any children of his own and records relating to him are quite limited but I did find an interesting little article about him in the local paper. The article is dated 1927.

He was still living with his parents at the time. I wonder how they reacted to the news.

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