Grizel Rae 1852-1858 & Robert Rae 1854-1857

Grizel Rae was the eldest child of my 3 x great grandparents, Thomas Rae and Ann Symington. Robert was their second child. I only discovered their existence when I stumbled upon their death records. They were born and died between censuses so I would not find them there. They were both born before the start of civil registration so I’m struggling even to find their birth dates.

They were born in Ayrshire or I assume so as their parents were married in Dalmellington in 1851. Robert was just three years old when he died on 16 April 1857. The cause of death was chincough which is another name for whooping cough.

The following year Thomas and Ann lost six year old Grizel who drowned at Garlaff in Ayrshire. I have tried to find further information on her death but have so far been unsuccessful. I had hoped to find a newspaper article.

Robert is buried in Patna Churchyard whereas Grizel is in Cumnock showing that the family must have moved some time between their deaths. Their sister Ann was born in April 1858 in Old Cumnock.

Thomas and Ann had eight children (that I know of) and it’s sad that none of the surviving children knew or had any memory of Grizel and Robert. Ann and Thomas must have been affected by the loss. Robert’s death from illness is tragic but perhaps Grizel died as the result of an avoidable accident for which they may have felt responsible.

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