Daniel & John Brawley 1913-1913

Daniel and John Brawley were born on 8 May 1913. Their father was Daniel Brawley, my maternal grandfather’s eldest brother. The twins’ mother was Mary Berry. This was Mary’s second pregnancy; their daughter Margaret having been born the previous year.

The boys were born in the family home at 16 Hope Street, Newmains. More info on Newmains housing at that time can be found here. It’s possible they were delivered by Daniel’s aunt, Mary Hagan, who was the local midwife. The babies were premature and sadly neither survived the day.

I would never have known of their existence but for the cemetery records held at the North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre. While looking for other Brawley family members I found the record of these two babies who are buried in the same coffin in a public plot at Cambusnethan Cemetery. I have visited the plot which is just a large patch of grass. There’s no way of knowing the exact spot.

Even though it’s over a hundred years ago I feel sad when I see these documents and read the time of birth and death. Sad too to think of their father having to go and register both the births and deaths the following day.

Daniel and Mary left Newmains and settled in Glasgow. They went on to have another 9 children.

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