Family History Goals 2019

We’re already more than half way through January and I’m only now setting out my research goals for the year. There is always a new story to discover and I’m excited to explore my new DNA matches. My direct ancestor matches have doubled in a week and with all the DNA kits given as Christmas gifts I anticipate many more matches. I’m currently sitting with 293 fourth cousin or closer matches.

  • I’d like to find out more about my 3 x great grandfather, John Brawley. Is he the John Brawley who died in Glasgow City Poorhouse in 1859? I suspect that he is but I need further proof.
  • I need a trip to Edinburgh to check out the trial records of Margaret Brawley who was transported on a convict ship to Australia.
  • I’d like to identify the father of Matthew and Edith Cran who were adopted by my 2x great uncle Matthew Brawley. It seems that their father may have been a Brawley too.
  • I’d love to know more about the early life of my great great grandfather, James Brawley. Just this week I discovered a sister I hadn’t known about via a DNA match.
  • My great great grandmother, Grace Halliday Rae, left Scotland for Australia leaving my great grandfather behind. I want to know more about her and the life she found Down Under. An Australian cousin (another DNA match) was able to fill in some of the blanks and had information I would never have found on any official records.
  • Identify the father of my 4x great grandfather, James Rae. Census records show James’ birth place as Dumfriesshire but could he be the James Rae born in Northumberland in 1804?

Now that I’ve started this I realise I could go on all day and the list will be endless. This is more than enough to be getting on with and I’m so easily distracted when it comes to family history that this list could take some time. If anyone out there has info that could help or would like to know more about my research to date then please get in touch.

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