A Facebook Find

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how few old family photographs I have. I am always envious of those who can post old pics on a regular basis. I love to be able to put a face to a name on my family tree.

The above picture was posted on Facebook on a page dedicated to memories of the village of Newmains where my Brawley family made their home in the late 1850’s. The photo is of the St Brigid’s school football team. On the left in the back row is my maternal grandfather, Hugh Brawley. I have seen a couple of pictures of him before. I had thought it was his cousin but I’ve been advised by MY cousin who actually got to meet and know him that it is in fact our grandfather. In the front row third from left is my mum’s big brother, Daniel Brawley. I did get to know Uncle Dan but this is the first time I’ve seen what he looked like as a boy.

I don’t always think of Facebook as a place for family history but there is definitely some treasure to be found there. A huge thank you to Elizabeth Cope for posting.

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