On Holiday From Montreal – Patrick Brawley 1894-1981

My grandfather’s brother, Patrick Brawley was born in Newmains on 7 February 1894. In 1923 he left Scotland for Canada where he made a good life for himself and his family. A return visit to Newmains in 1960 generated some interest in the local press. My mother remembers his visit well. Even after 37 years Uncle Pat’s Scottish accent was strong as ever. He said at the time that if he’d known how much the village would have improved he would never have left.

In 1968 he made the Wishaw Press again when he and his wife celebrated their Golden Wedding. There’s even a photo even if it’s not very clear.

There’s mention in the article of my grandfather regularly sending him copies of the Wishaw Press. That and the Sunday Post my mum remembers. The Canada uncles would send comics back home.