A Hero – Patrick Brawley

After posting about my grandfather’s brother, Patrick Brawley returning to Scotland for a visit after many years in Canada we were talking about his service during the Great War. I have seen his service records which give basic details of his postings and health record but this article from the Wishaw Press dated 27 January 1979 tells the story of a real hero.

This was not the only honour Patrick received. His work as a St John’s Ambulance volunteer was recognised in 1962 and the news was reported back in Scotland. The family must have been so proud. The photograph at the top of the page has been in the family and I had wondered about the uniform and the story behind the picture.

Patrick is not the only one of my grandfather’s siblings who left Scotland for Canada. His brother Peter sailed on the Athenia in 1923 along with Patrick and his family. James, however, was the first to go leaving Newmains in 1920. Sarah and John followed in 1926. I believe there may have been talk of my grandparents going too and that tickets were bought but in the end my granny didn’t want to leave Newmains. A big decision to make but if they had gone I wouldn’t be here now!

The five siblings left Scotland almost exactly a hundred years after their great grandfather, John Brawley came to Scotland from County Derry in Ireland.