A Different Christmas

This Christmas was far from what we’re used to and for many it was a difficult time. While the circumstances were very different, Christmas during the war years would have been a tough one for the women of Newmains as husbands, sons and brothers were missing from the Christmas table. It’s nice to know that they had a support network through the parish Women’s Guild.

The above article is from 1941. I love that the women got together to send gifts to the soldiers. Reading the letters to the group must’ve been very emotional. I’d love to see those letters.

I’d also be interested to know which Mrs Brawley was in charge. Could it be my granny? With a son of an age to head to war I’m sure she would have been in attendance. It sounds like a very special event.

5 thoughts on “A Different Christmas

  1. Good to see this Paula, great research. My Grannie gave the step dance! Never heard this before. Did note the usual problem of adding an S to our name. Noticed the same thing recently in Parish Bulletin when new PP added an s to my brother’s name., some things never change. Lol. Mx

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